Letter 11. ​Accept involuntary responses

Accept involuntary responses

In this series of blog posts I attempt to translate the Moral letters to Lucilius by Seneca into modern English.

Letter 11. Accept involuntary responses

Is it possible to have complete control of your emotions, at all times? To look and act as though nothing is bothering you? I don’t believe that it is.

No matter how hard you try to regulate your emotions, some are outside of your control. Take embarrassment, for example. It leads to blushing which is a normal response which you can’t suppress. Blushing is usually caused by an unexpected event but sometimes just the thought of being in a certain situation sparks a reaction. Take speaking to a crowd: if this idea pops into your brain you may shake or sweat because you’re nervous of a future event. No amount of training, discipline or experience can stop it. Or, come to think of it, create it. What do I mean? Well, actors can’t switch blushing on at will; they have to copy the physicality of the emotion itself, which is just a façade.

Even if you could manage control your emotions most people would perceive this to be unnatural and inhuman. They would feel uncomfortable in your company. You would be trying to stop something which instinctively everyone has to do.

In signing off I have a piece of advice. Who are your role models? When know who these people are, consider how would you act and what would you do if they were always next to you? I’m guessing you’d act differently, and maybe even better? Try this idea out and perhaps others will admire you? Who knows, over time they may even decide that you are a role model yourself.

Take care.

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